Hello y'all, I'm Jessica! Lee, my middle name, means "meadow or woods" which is probaly why I love living in the country. I am a wedding and family photographer in the foothills of The Smokies with Hunter, my sweet, southern-as-all-get-out husband. Blogger of life (bless your heart for reading my blog), lover of travel, blessed to do what I love.

I left my first job in the accounting world not even a year after graduating college to pursue my passion. I capture my clients life stories through photojournalism tailored to uniquely reflect their unique style. I hope to inspire the hearts of other by doing what I love. I am truly blessed to have made my passion my career, working with wonderful clients and bringing their dreams to life.

I would love to chat more with you over Starbucks for a free consultation. Thank you for visiting the site!

I've receently branched into creative branding... and I love it!

I have had the opportunity to help other local wedding vendors and creatives curate a unique-to-them website! And I am finally offering branding + web design services! Focusing on your personal brand strategy of a fluid logo, website, social media, and printwork design.
Recently, I worked with Colleen, Unique Settings Rentals, to create an amazing space for her to share, sell, and franchise. It has been even more fun to watch her business grow, and ultimately connect with her ideal market!

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" is a natural light photographer specializing in curating Wedding Photography and Portraiture "