meet jessica lee McIntosh Hello y'all, I'm Jessica! Lee, my middle name, means
"meadow or woods" which is probaly why I love living in
the country. I am a wedding and family photographer
in the foothills of The Smokies. with Hunter, my sweet,
southern-as-all-get-out husband. Blogger of life (bless
your heart for reading my blog), lover of travel, blessed
to do what I love.

I left my first job in the accounting world not even a
year after graduating college to pursue my passion. I
capture my clients life stories through photojournalism
tailored to uniquely reflect their unique style. I hope
to inspire the hearts of other by doing what I love.
I am truly blessed to have made my passion my
career, working with wonderful clients and bringing
their dreams to life.

I would love to chat more with you over Starbucks for
a free consultation. Thank you for visiting the site!
marriage deserves
I met hunter in college, and nine months later he
proposed... then came the photos. I try to make sure we
have anniversary photos taken every year to celebrate
all the life changes we've had from the engagement to
our wedding to buying our first home.

I love being able to look back through our albums and
see how our lives have evolved together.

it is always a blessing to continue to photograph my
couples after their wedding day. Documenting their
growth and new stages of life is just as important as
their wedding day.
ain't it funny how
life changes
And then there were three.. At the beginning of 2020
we welcomed home our sweet little doll baby,
Emma James.

as If I wasn't obsessed with photography already!
I want to photograph every little detail of every
moment of every day with her!